In our portfolio you will find some finished works of ours at our clients who chose Fabi SRL to decorate their home, office and commercial space.
From our photo gallery you can make an ideea of some of our types of marble and granite plating.
The spaces that bear our signature are unique, exclusivist and durable.

Rosa beta x 2 cm granite

Fantasy gold granite x 2 cm

Black galaxy and zanet white granite

Prada gold granite

Golden thunder granite

Carrara marble

Crema bordeaux x 2 cm granite

Vratsa x 3 cm limestone

Aristo white x 2 cm granite

Orosei x 2 cm marble

Baltic brown & tahoe x 3 cm granite

Crema bordeaux x 3 cm granite

Orosei x 3 cm marble

Silver pearl x 3 cm granite

Titanium & Sanluis x 2 cm granite

Orosei x 2 cm marble

Napoleone x 3 cm granite

Vratsa x 3 cm limestone

Golden thunder x 2 cm granite

Golden fusion x 2 cm granite

Ivory Gold x 2 cm Granite

Orosei x 2 cm marble

Tahoe x 3 cm si Baltic Brown x 3 cm nonslippery Granite

Absolut Black x 2 cm Granite

Imperial Gold x 2 cm Granite

Juparana Venetiano x 2 cm Granite

NETTUNO BORDEAUX X 2 CM plated staircase

ABSOLUTE BLACK & ARISTO WHITE X 2 CM counterstair plated staircase

Bordeaux River x 3 cm Granite plated staircase

Golden Fusion x 2 cm Granite plated staircase

Aristo White x 2 cm Granite stairs

Limestone stairs

Absolut Black x 2 cm Granite stairs

San Luiz x 3 cm Granite stairs


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